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Preparing For Robots

Dave Gerber - Founder of Preparing For Robots


About Dave

Dave is about value-driven people solutions that will improve organizational wellness and the bottom line.

The impact and onset of robotics, A.I. and an ever increasing digital world will have a dramatic effect on people within organizations. Dave is throwing us a lifeline to help increase the quality of professional development, standardize conflict management tools and use conflict to help support human relationships, organizations and growth.

Dave Gerber is a futurist and unlike most others is talking about the human and employee side of the technology tsunami headed our way in the next 5-10 years. Your entire organization will want to hear what he has to say…then watch everyone step up their game!


About Us

We help organizations provide improved solutions to structural and people-based challenges that improve wellness, save and make money. 

We offer cutting edge, hybrid professional development solutions in the form of dynamic leadership team/coaching, training, facilitation and mediation to help address ANY challenge. 

We help leaders and employees at every level. Human and relationship problems are extremely costly. We provide the skills they need to deal with structural and people based problems and conflicts.

Creative problem solving, emotional intelligence, interpersonal negotiations and conflict management...these are the skills people will need to develop to separate themselves from others and prove value in an ever-increasing AI world…and, that’s how we can help you, now!


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